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2011 - Распределенные и web-приложения




Author: Igor Khokhryakov
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Annotation: The possible implementation of the common concept of the distributed web application is proposed in the article. The benefits of such implementation are covered on a concrete example.

Keywords: Java; Servlets; JavaScript; MVC design pattern; JSON; backend clusterization;
Author: Konstantin Toporov
Annotation: Many of young programmers have a dream to make games. They are not going to waste time for old classical things like tetris and arkanoid. They want to create MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game)! A Browser, Internet, tens of thousands users, the access from anywhere – they don’t agree to less. That is fine. But how to start? How far is a simple TCP sample wrtitten on an informatic lesson to a real gaming cluster? Which components does it consist of? In this article the author shares his experience of working on one such project. The article describes the time of the serious changes in the stable but overgrown product. There are technologies and approaches helped the developer team to increase essentially the game cluster performance.

Keywords: distributed applications, games, server, highload, boost, asio, apache, tomcat, protobuf, thrift
Author: Konstantin Lepeshenkov
Annotation: The article explains the internal structure of WCF RIA Services technology, describes it’s usage experience in real projects and provides some tips about taking andantage of features and eliminating issues.

Keywords: WCF RIA Services; Silverlight