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Author: Vitalii Tsybulnyk
Source: RSDN Magazine #2-2010
Annotation: In the article author summarizes and transmits through own experience some main human aspects of software architecture. Evolutionary nature of software architecture is considered, especially obvious at small-sized projects. Subjective design decisions about patterns and best practices in a social context of a particular project runs to some different styles of the design patterns usage. Ambiguity and versatility of software architect's role emphasizes and amplifies first-order value of human factors (personal and team) for the process of technical decision making at software projects and software architecture development.

Keywords: Software architecture; human aspects; evolutionary architecture; design patterns; software architect; small-to-medium-sized project; startup;
Author: Tepljakov Sergey Vladimirovich
Annotation: Design by Contract is a powerful software development technique. It truly facilitate building reliable and extensible software by strict formalization behavior between software components. Current article describes theoretical aspects for Design by Contract techniques, first described by Bertrand Meyer, witch permitting to understand value of this method in software development process.

Keywords: OOP; Design by Contract; .NET 4.0; statistic analysis

Паттерны проектирования

Author: Igor Buchelnikov
Annotation: Why is there reduction of coupling when using Inversion of Control? What is the application area of Inversion of Control? Are there any cases when you cannot do without Inversion of Control? Is the event model synonymous with the principle of Inversion of Control? What is the difference between libraries and frameworks? Is it possible to follow the principle of Inversion of Control not using the Factory Method, Inversion of Control Container and Dependency Injection?

Keywords: Inversion of Control; Inversion of Control Container; Dependency Injection; Factory Method; Design patterns
Author: Sergey Teplyakov
Translator: Name Surname
Source: RSDN Magazine #2-2010
Annotation: Annotation of my article.

Keywords: semicolon separated keywords list;

Обобщенный Model-View-Controller