Discriminated unions в TypeScriptr 2.0
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This PR implements support for discriminated union types, inspired by suggestions in #186 and #1003. Specifically, we now support type guards that narrow union types based on tests of a discriminant property and furthermore extend that capability to switch statements. Some examples:

interface Square {
    kind: "square";
    size: number;

interface Rectangle {
    kind: "rectangle";
    width: number;
    height: number;

interface Circle {
    kind: "circle";
    radius: number;

type Shape = Square | Rectangle | Circle;

function area(s: Shape) {
    // In the following switch statement, the type of s is narrowed in each case clause
    // according to the value of the discriminant property, thus allowing the other properties
    // of that variant to be accessed without a type assertion.
    switch (s.kind) {
        case "square": return s.size * s.size;
        case "rectangle": return s.width * s.height;
        case "circle": return Math.PI * s.radius * s.radius;

function test1(s: Shape) {
    if (s.kind === "square") {
        s;  // Square
    else {
        s;  // Rectangle | Circle

function test2(s: Shape) {
    if (s.kind === "square" || s.kind === "rectangle") {
    s;  // Circle

A discriminant property type guard is an expression of the form x.p == v, x.p === v, x.p != v, or x.p !== v, where p and v are a property and an expression of a string literal type or a union of string literal types. The discriminant property type guard narrows the type of x to those constituent types of x that have a discriminant property p with one of the possible values of v.

Note that we currently only support discriminant properties of string literal types. We intend to later add support for boolean and numeric literal types.

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