They Write the Right Stuff
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They Write the Right Stuff — небольшая статья о процессе разработки софта для шатлов. Интересно, хотя и на английском, к сожалению.

This software never crashes. It never needs to be re-booted. This software is bug-free. It is perfect, as perfect as human beings have achieved. Consider these stats : the last three versions of the program -- each 420,000 lines long-had just one error each. The last 11 versions of this software had a total of 17 errors. Commercial programs of equivalent complexity would have 5,000 errors.

PS. Понятно, что вряд ли здесь есть хоть кто-нибудь, кто пишет софт для космических кораблей или ядерных реакторов, и что для 99.9% читателей все описанное там выглядит как фантастика. Но, во-первых, это просто интересно, да и учится нужно всегда. И, во-вторых, в заключении статьи так и говорится:

And that's the point: the shuttle process is so extreme, the drive for perfection is so focused, that it reveals what's required to achieve relentless execution. The most important things the shuttle group does -- carefully planning the software in advance, writing no code until the design is complete, making no changes without supporting blueprints, keeping a completely accurate record of the code -- are not expensive. The process isn't even rocket science. Its standard practice in almost every engineering discipline except software engineering.

PPS. Ссылка была найдена здесь: Personality Traits of the Best Software Developers.

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