Re[4]: В английской Wikipedia про Nemerle выставили на удале
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Дата: 10.02.11 13:24
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Здравствуйте, VladD2, Вы писали:

VD>Здравствуйте, Воронков Василий, Вы писали:

ВВ>>В общем, как здесь уже говорилось, надо идти на
VD>Надо. К сожалению писать по англицки складно я не могу. Если можешь, напиши админам.

Меня там забанили, к сожалению

Надо на странице, указанной выше, создать запись User:Christopher Monsanto. С текстом вроде такого:

This user is constantly nominating different programming languages for deletion without proper research of actual programming language notability. Taking into account the number of articles that he has tagged for deletion I really doubt good faith. We are talking about such languages as Nemerle, Alice ML, etc. We've tried to provide the notability of these languages (for example there are plenty of academic papers and publications about Alice ML, there are official published reasearch papers about Nemerle published through Microsoft Research, there are many articles about Nemerle in RSDN, official russian science magazine). However he disregards all these source as either non reliable or not notable enough. I don't really see how Microsoft Research or official science papers may be non reliable. It seems that Christopher has some personal interest or offence for doing that. He has also stated that "his mission" is to remove "redundant" programming languages from Wikipedia which I am afraid may result in deletion of interesting and valuable articles.

I convince moderators to look closer at this user, his actions and hist actual motivation.
Подождите ...
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