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Bing Search Team, Microsoft

Do you like to work on the hardest problems in computing with the biggest user
impact? Is Search your vision of computing’s future, but it isn’t nearly there yet?
Want to be the one to make it happen?

We work on the cutting edge of computer science, where a petabyte of data
is “small”, ten thousand machines is a “little cluster”, and one second is
an “eternity”. Our tools include machine learning models and the world's largest
distributed system. We are a high powered startup inside of Microsoft, working on
technology and products that are critical to our company’s success and at the heart
of the customer experience of the internet.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to experience Microsoft’s new search engine Bing
and seen how we're changing the game in Search. Bing is receiving amazing
reviews and generating lots of great buzz. Bing has had a fantastic year so far.
After the successful brand launch earlier this year, the team has been working hard,
both on closing the gap with our competitors in key areas like relevance, as well
as driving thought leadership with new paradigms for search and user experience.
This is probably one of most exciting times to be on the team, and you have an
opportunity to help shape its future.

We are looking for cream of the crop — motivated developers with excellent
architecture, design, coding, debugging and problem solving skills and a track
record of shipping high quality software. Qualified candidates should be able to
work independently as well in a collaborative team setting to research innovative
solutions to challenging business/technical problems.

Although we welcome candidates with experience in one of information retrieval,
machine learning, data mining, building large-scale distributed systems or building
high-performance systems, we do NOT require it.

Required skills:
• BS in Computer Science or equivalent required. MS/PhD welcome.
• Strong theory/algorithms background and exceptional problem solving and
analytical skills.
• Extensive software design and development skills/experience with C/C++/C#
• Excellent communications skills, both verbal and written
• Ability and willingness to work independently and in a team to research
innovative solutions to challenging technical problems.

** For further information, please contact Nicole Dresser at **
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