[Norway] Senior full-stack developer React + Java/.NET, 700K-900K NOK
От: Mishka Норвегия  
Дата: 20.09.21 07:59
Есть несколько вакансий для программистов желающих переместиться в Норвегию. Визу оформят, но если вы в ЕУ всё будет намного проще.
Свободный английский, норвежский или шведский обязателен.
Присылайте резюме директору

Knut Struksnes
Director Industrialization
E-mail: knut.struksnes@norsktitanium.no

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About the place

We are located in the southern part of Norway in a small town north of Oslo. It has everything civilization has to offer, the high standard of leaving, no overcrowding and relative safety compared to other western countries. Although a cultured person may find the entertainment lucking, Oslo is just an hour drive away. If you are looking for a quiet place where you can either raise your children in a safe environment or just be close to nature, then it is something to consider. Forest and small lakes are all around, mostly sunny weather for those who are tired of gloomy rainy days. Real summer that is not too hot and real mild winter with snow.
Majority of Norwegians speak fluent English so you will not be lost in translation, although learning the language of locals is always a preferred way to go. Excellent medical and social care backed by wealthy government, which is a striking example of how to do things right unlike other western countries.
If you are looking for stability, safety and space, this is the place to be.

We are looking for
• Senior full-stack software developer with React + Java or .NET experience
• Has a bachelor's or master’s degree in IT, computer science, data science or similar with a focus on software development
• Any experience with cloud deployment and big data is always welcome
• Has the capability to understand complex technology and business processes
• Collaborates easily and has a high level of professional integrity
• Are driven by curiosity and a deep interest in software technologies
Although ideally we would like someone who has the right to work in the EU, good candidates from non-EU countries will also be considered.

We can offer you
• A highly skilled and multidisciplinary engineering environment with creative and talented colleagues
• An opportunity to solve interesting and complex engineering problems from day one
• The chance to make huge improvements and to see immediate results
• Interesting and challenging work assignments
• Independent tasks and projects in combination with teamwork
• Opportunity to take part in the construction of an international industrial group, ability to influence and make a difference
• International, challenging, and good work environment
• Flexible working arrangements
• Company Sports Club
• Good pension and insurance plan
• Competitive salary

About the company

Norsk Titanium AS is the world's pioneering supplier of aerospace-grade, additive manufactured, structural titanium components. The company is distinguished in the aviation industry by its patented Rapid Plasma Deposition (RPD) process that transforms titanium wire into complex components suitable for structural and safety-critical applications. The Norsk Titanium research and development team is committed to displacing the age old and inefficient forging process with a precision wire deposition technology embodying substantial savings for aerospace, defense, and commercial applications. NTis Technology Center is located at Eggemoen, Ringerike and our full-scale production center in Plattsburgh, NY.
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