IoT Embedded C/C++ Engineer, Германия. Relocation
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Дата: 16.10.20 21:16

Компания Bosch в Германии ищет C++-разработчиков. Описание спецификации и требования приведены ниже.

IoT Embedded Software Engineer

We are looking for a creative and quality IoT Embedded Systems Engineer to join our team in Germany!
Specific responsibilities will be:

Applying agile software lifecycle management and model-based design principles and tools to design and implement embedded software solutions for different devices/ Collaborate with refrigeration systems engineers to understand requirements and applications and translate them into specific hardware and software specifications/ Identify and implement secure communication protocol solutions for communication between controller and IoT device and IoT device to IoT could data hub or portable applications /Prototype new solutions to prove technology concepts/ Develop edge computing software applications onboard IoT devices/ Participate in sprint and release planning activities, sizing of work tasks/ Contribute to improving software development processes with new ideas and introducing new tools, including model based design.

Required Skills

Strong C++ and C programming skills for embedded systems applications/ Strong knowledge of wired and wireless communication interfaces and protocols, which may include serial and parallel communications, USB, CAN, MODBUS, cellular LTE, satellite, GPS, LTE-M, NBIoT, LoRa, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/Good familiarity with application layer communication protocols and secure communications (HTTPS, MQTT, CoAP Protocol (UDP), Azure IoT Stack, AWS IoT Stack technologies)/Development of real time applications with use of RTOS including Embedded Linux/ Design of embedded software modules as part of an overall architecture/ Formulation and execution of unit testing, debugging, and troubleshooting/ Experience with various Microcontrollers (PIC, Renasas, X86 and ARM) or similar/ Experience with model based design tools and methods including software modeling (UML/Rhapsody, Simulink/Stateflow), autocode generation, testing and verification/ Familiarity with software development and lifecycle management tools (e.g. IBM Jazz RTC)

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