[A.I.] Компьютер играет в “Свою Игру” и побеждает
От: Кодёнок  
Дата: 14.01.11 10:59
Искусственный интеллект на суперкомпьютере от IBM отвечает на вопрос, заданный на естественном языке без дополнительных адаптаций, играет в “Свою Игру” и набирает больше очков, чем два чемпиона по этой игре.


Today, IBM rolled out its Jeopardy-playing computer, a whiz machine named Watson that was four years in the works. In today’s demonstration match for the media Watson played against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, the two great (human) Jeopardy champions who will provide opposition for Watson in a two-day exhibition match. That man versus machine faceoff will air in February, and carries a prize of a million dollars. Bad news, humans: In today’s exhibition of about 15 questions, Watson tallied $4,400, compared to $3,400 for Jennings and $1,200 Rutter.

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