[ANN] MailMergeLib - A .NET Mail Client Library
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Дата: 23.05.08 03:56
MailMergeLib — A .NET Mail Client Library

MailMergeLib is a mail client library. It makes use of .NET System.Net.Mail and provides comfortable mail merge capabilities. MailMergeLib corrects a number of the most annoying bugs and RFC violations that .NET 2.0 to .NET 3.5 suffer from.

During the time when I worked on .NET 1.1, I started to use the mail client DotNetOpenMail by Mike Bridge which really was doing a good job. Based on this, I built a library for doing basic mail merge in a Web service.

After moving to .NET 2.0, I thought that DotNetOpenMail had become obsolete because Microsoft had introduced their System.Net.Mail library. Today I still think that this is well designed code, but it has some annoying bugs and RFC violations — which I found out one after another, and which have not come to an end yet. Still the mail merge library grew and became quite comfortable to use.

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