port to (platform) vs. port for (platform)
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Дата: 03.06.13 06:43
Сегодня один заказчик, для которого я перевел статью на английский, указал мне на недочет в моем переводе:

Глагол to port smth используется с предлогом to, не for (можно проверить в Гугле).

И действительно, вариант "(to) port to" употребляется на порядок, а то и два, чаще варианта "(to) port for".
Можно ли на основании этого утверждать, что второй вариант, вероятно, является неправильным?

В качестве примера привожу отрывок с сайта Apple:

JDK Tools in OS X

The Java development tools in OS X are similar to the tools you find on other UNIX-based platforms. The command-line tools that Sun provides as part of the JDK for Linux and Solaris are ported for OS X and work just as they do on those platforms. There are only a few significant differences between the standard JDK tools in OS X and those found on other UNIX-based platforms:
• The installed location of the JDK command-line tools is different in OS X. These tools are installed with the rest of JavaVM.framework in /System. The Java tools provided in the default path in /usr/bin/ will execute the version of Java the user has selected as their preferred version for applications in Java Preferences. For more on Java Preferences, see “Other Tools.” For more information on overall differences in where Java components are in OS X, see “Finding Your Way Around.”
• tools.jar does not exist. Classes usually located here are instead included in classes.jar. Scripts that rely on the existence of tools.jar need to be rewritten accordingly.

(подчеркивание мое)

Заранее спасибо за прояснение ситуации.
Подождите ...
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