Re[3]: MSVC2017 и bigobj
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Дата: 03.11.21 12:33
Здравствуйте, netch80, Вы писали:

N>Не хватает — на какой размер? 64KB, 2GB, 4GB?

By default, an object file can hold up to 65,279 (almost 2^16) addressable sections. This limit applies no matter which target platform is specified. /bigobj increases that address capacity to 4,294,967,296 (2^32).

Most modules never generate an .obj file that contains more than 65,279 sections. However, machine-generated code, or code that makes heavy use of template libraries, may require .obj files that can hold more sections. /bigobj is enabled by default on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) projects because the machine-generated XAML code includes a large number of headers. If you disable this option on a UWP app project, your code may generate compiler error C1128.

For information on the PE-COFF object file format, see PE Format in the Windows documentation.

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