[ANN] C++0x is now C++09
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Из C/C++ Users Journal (August, 2005, Herb Sutter. Trip Report: April 2005):

The big news at this ISO C++ meeting is that "C++0x" intends to be "C++09," meaning that we do intend to ship a new standard this decade.

That may seem a long way off, but it's pretty aggressive. Because of ISO balloting procedures, that means that the work needs to be pretty much technically complete by the end of 2007. This aggressive schedule leaves only five meetings to complete the bulk of the technical work. If we make that target, then 2008 will be spent on the first round of international balloting and review, and the committee will spend its two meetings that year doing the resulting cleanup and refinement work to produce the (hopefully) final text of the Standard by the end of 2008. Assuming that the result is acceptable to all of the national bodies and addresses any comments they sent, then we can spend 2009 on the second round of international balloting to approve the text and publish the Standard.

If we keep to this schedule, then by the end of 2007, you'll know what features will be in the next Standard and have a good idea of the details of how they'll work, and by the end of 2008 even the details will be fully nailed down. (Caveat: The C++ committee has slipped its schedule before. On the bright side, if we miss that date and publish the Standard in 2010 or 2011, we can always claim it's still "C++0x" but that "x" just turned out to be a hex digit.)

One consequence is that this year, the C++ committee is going to close the door on new suggestions for this revision of the Standard. Now that we've been actively soliciting submissions for three years, and we've received and reviewed in detail at least scores (and possibly hundreds) of proposals, we've set the deadline for new proposals for the fall 2005 C++ meeting to be held on October 2-8. Note that the premeeting mailing deadline is usually set for six weeks before the meeting, so if you're sitting on a secret proposal you've never shown the outside world but that you think is thoroughly baked and you want to see in C++0x, know that that's when papers are due (and you'd be best of getting feedback on the comp.std.c++ newsgroup first, because a fair number of proposals turn out to be repeats of things that have already been considered in depth and rejected, often numerous times).

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