Германия собирается отменить частную собственность?
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Дата: 20.09.21 02:02
Что за пц у вас там происходит?

LINKE wants to expropriate homeowners

The appetite comes with the food: The desire for expropriations is also growing in the Berlin SPD

Living space is becoming scarce in cities, and allotment gardens are considered inviolable. Are such privileges still okay?

Now allotment gardeners are to be expropriated

The new, just sworn in Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) told the Funke media group that “they consider expropriations from private housing associations to be the right means under certain conditions.” The Basic Law makes expropriations possible. If all other resources are exhausted, you might be the right one. This has nothing to do with socialism, since this possibility is anchored in the Basic Law, said Lambrecht.

Ага, ага. Nothing to do with socialism, конечно!

Single-family houses are no longer allowed to be built in Hamburg-Nord; other municipalities will follow.

Капец, куда катится мир?
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