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European Union Economic Sanctions Effective March 20, 2024


New European Union economic sanctions, effective March 20, 2024, prohibit Microsoft from supplying certain software to entities incorporated in Russia

Impacted audience

Customers incorporated in Russia, except affiliates of certain multi-national companies headquartered outside of Russia


As you may know, the European Union recently imposed new economic sanctions that, effective March 20, 2024, prohibit Microsoft from supplying certain management or design software (including cloud-based solutions) to entities incorporated in Russia. Microsoft has identified that one or more of your customers’ subscriptions or bundled services appear to be subject to these prohibitions.

Microsoft is committed to compliance with EU trade laws and regulations, as well as all other jurisdictions in which it operates. In compliance with these government mandates, Microsoft must terminate these subscriptions by March 20, 2024, absent future EU guidance that would change this determination or a general or specific authorization from EU regulators.

After March 20, 2024, your customers will not be able to access those Microsoft products or services, or any data stored in them.

Next steps

Impacted subscriptions will be terminated by March 20, 2024.


If you require any further information on this action, you may wish to seek external advice, or if you believe you have received this communication in error, contact us through normal Microsoft support channels.

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