про мастеров трепотни - как я и говорил
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All too often a manager recruiting new designers assesses them subconsciously on the criteria for the manager’s own job—“Could he do well the job I’m doing?” This favors the articulate, the leader, the person who will be effective in meetings. It tends to overlook the introvert, the slow-spoken, and especially the unconventional. But brilliant designers come in these packages, too! (I do not assert that brilliant designers are more likely to come in such packages. I don’t know.) We managers overlook these gifted ones to our great loss, theirs, and society’s. How can we select better? First, by reminding ourselves what we seek. Second, by looking at portfolios of the design work itself, not just oral presentations about the work.

The Design of Design. Frederick Brooks

С тех пор прошло почти 15 лет, и все стало только хуже.
Это также к вопросу о том, почему софт жрет все больше и работает все хуже.
Ад пуст, все бесы здесь.
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