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Брунейская авиакомпания вышла из клозета и уже не стесняется того, что пока ещё скрывают в других отраслях.

The Flight Goes Nowhere. And It's Sold Out.

At a time when most people are stuck at home and unable to travel, and the global airline industry has been decimated by the pandemic, flights that take off and return to the airport a few hours later allow airlines to keep staff working. The practice also satisfies that itch to travel — even if it’s just being on a plane again. Although most people may think of flying as a means to an end, existing solely to get them from one place to the next, some say that it is an exciting part of the travel experience. For those people, flights to nowhere are the salve for a year in which just about all travel has been canceled and people have been fearful of airlines not enforcing social distancing and mask-wearing rules.


Вкратце: прошёл досмотр, сел в самолёт, пожрал, посрал, приземлился в том же месте.

К этому идём во всех отраслях. Предлагаю законодательно внести поправки в формулу вычисления работы A = F * S.
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