Работодатели тоже плачут
От: mgu  
Дата: 07.11.19 23:18
Как приятно "обязательно перезвонить", особенно после получения многодневного "тестового задания"! Но времена меняются:

Many of us have faced silence while waiting to hear back from a prospective employer, only to end up hearing nothing at all.

But now, an increasing number of job applicants and workers are vanishing from offices without any reason why.

Ghosting, when someone cuts off all communication without explanation, first came to light as a phenomenon in the dating world — but it’s becoming increasingly common in the workplace too.

Earlier this year, Indeed surveyed 900 employers and over 4,000 job seekers and found that 83% of companies that were recruiting said they’d been ghosted by candidates. Nearly three-quarters (69%) of them said that this is a recent phenomenon that’s sprung up in the past two years.

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