GitHub имеет значение!
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Дата: 03.06.19 07:46
Отличный пример того, что GitHub аккаунт имеет значение! Ну, и немного самоуверенности тоже не повредит:

Тем у кого вражий сайт забанен, цитирую что там HR (австралийский, кстати) написал:

Last year I had a developer who had 2 years of experience asking for $120k.

I represented him to two clients.

One loved his GitHub and the tech and the work he was doing so got him in for an interview (and eventually hired him). The other looked at his years of experience (or lack of) and thought that it was ridiculous that he was wanting so much.

Today I spoke with his manager and he is smashing it. He is currently leading a small team and is one of the best hires the company has made.

Moral of the story. Pay people on the value they can bring, not on the number of years of experience they have.

P.S. аккаунт этого перца на GitHub я и сам видеть хочу, но там ~1400 комментариев и быстрый поиск линки не принес
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