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Vitaliy Pupkin

e-mail: vitaliy.pupkin@gmail.com
phone: +38-050-*******

Over six years of experience in the application software development. Rich and diverse working experience in banking and financial services industry. Good organisational skills, an ability to work hard and learn quickly. Experience with all aspects of the software development cycle including requirements definition, system design, implementation and deployment.

Technical skills
Architect skills: UML and Unified Process (with Sparx Enterprise Architect support);
Languages: C#, VB.NET, C/C++, VB6
Client technologies: WinForms, WPF, Win32 API, good knowledge of DevExpress components;
Web technologies: ASP.NET, WCF(basic), WebForms, Silverlight, PHP (basic), HTML, XML;
Databases: MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle Database 10g, MySQL, MS Access;
Test tools: MSTest, nUnit, cfix (kernel mode), TypeMock Isolator;
Source control systems: SVN;
Others skills: Native API (basic), DirectShow, COM, good skills in JIRA&Confluence administration.

Work Experience

Advanced Banking and Exchange Solutions AG. Switzerland. Oct 2009 — present
Position: .NET Developer
• Designing and developing trading instruments;
• Developing GUI for report generator tool;
• Developing ticket reservation system;
• Designing and developing administration system for top management.
Technologies used: UML, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, WCF, LINQ, MS SQL Server 2008, IIS 7.

Credit Agricole Group, Industrial Export Bank. Ukraine. Jan 2008 — Oct 2009
Position: IT departure main specialist
Responsibilities: Cannot be disclosed due to NDA.

Finance group “Donbass”. Ukraine. Oct 2006 – Dec 2007
Position: .NET Developer
• Back-office automation;
• Oracle database support and extending;
• Designing and developing corporate web sites;
• Developing front-end for Oracle Database;
• Developing parser for weakly formatted data.
Technologies used: Oracle Database 10g, ADO. NET, WinForms in couple with Syncfusion components, PHP.

Lugaservice Co Ltd. Ukraine. Sep 2004 – Sep 2006
Position: Junior Developer
• IT infrastructure support;
• Back office automation;
• Developing application for inventory accounting;
• Designing and developing corporate web site.
Technologies used: MS Access database, VB6, .Net Framework, PHP.

Interim Co Ltd. Ukraine. Jun 2003 – Aug 2003
Position: Trainee
• IT infrastructure support.
• Developing application for inventory accounting.
Technologies used: MS Access database in couple with VB6 frontend.

East Ukrainian National University — External student at Applied Math department (III year).
Intermediate knowledge of English.
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