HTML/CSS/JS + Python
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Дата: 24.11.21 21:40
Это от одного из моих customers.

Им нужен application developer: HTML/CSS/JS в Sciter.JS специфике + Python.

We are looking to hire a developer who has experience with Sciter.JS and Python to optimize, debug, and add features to the UI of our e-commerce automation desktop application. The application is already built, utilizing Python for the backend and Sciter/PySciter for the user interface. The software allows users to add their customer info, select a product and have the software purchase the product on their behalf. You can visit our website to see more information about the application itself:

If you’re interested or have any additional questions, feel free to respond to this thread or reach out to me at alec [at] shikari [dot] tech.

Подождите ...
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