Senior C++ Software Engineer
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Это от одного из моих customers, позиция связана (в т.ч.) с интеграцией моего Sciter.

Насколько мне известно они понимают русский в т.ч.

См сообщение.

Job title: Senior C++ Software Engineer
Job type: Full time, Permanent, Remote
Experience level: Senior
Company size: 20 people
Company type: Private

Backend: C++ 17 on Visual Studio
Frontend: sciter (javascript) / Qt Quick (QML)

What you’ll do

Build Windows desktop apps that hundreds of thousands people use every day
Full stack development from backend to UI
Work closely with the CTO and the Product team using agile methodology (scrum)
Spend some time on R&D projects (such as image pattern recognition)
Use reverse engineering tools, in-depth API and data transmission protocols
Maintain existing apps built with Embarcadero RAD Studio C++ (we try to keep it to a bare minimum — we prefer to focus on our future products)
What we offer

Fully remote work (work from any country)

Flexible work schedule

Permanent contract

Competitive salary and performance bonus
Talk directly to the directors (CTO, COO, owner)

Business travel to Switzerland or any other countries where we have team members (when the pandemic ends)
Working on R&D projects 10% of the time
Continuous education fully paid by the company
Involvement in business workflows

Who you are

You have been working for 10 years or more in software development
You are a talented and passionate C++ developer, who likes solving technical challenges and puzzles
Responsible, meticulous, and proactive, you see the global picture and the small details. You tend to not only find, but to also solve the problems
You are able to write clear, modular, maintainable and well documented C++ code
You care about end-user experience, high quality code and modern engineering practices (agile)
You speak English
Who we are

We are an international, open-minded and passionate team working across three continents. We create software for people who have the unfortunate combination of iOS + Windows to help them access and liberate their data from Apple devices. We strongly believe that corporations shouldn’t decide which data on the devices is accessible and which is not — people should have freedom of choice.

Our journey started in 2004 in Switzerland with our first app, CopyTrans, which was developed out of curiosity and suddenly became immensely popular with users who wanted to rescue music tracks that got stuck on their iPods.

17 years later, in 2021, we have over 10 apps, millions of people all over the world use them, The New York Times has written about us, we are one of the few companies in the world that can extract data from iCloud.

CopyTrans is built on a set of three core values: integrity, curiosity and freedom of choice.

We need your help to build even better apps. We are a small team, so you’ll have the chance to make a big impact.

You are interested. What’s next?

Please send your CV, portfolio (examples of your code, your github profile, or a pet project) to jobs[ AT ] No cover letter required.
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