Full-time удаленка: Backend Developer
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Дата: 14.10.21 14:55
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В компанию Xara Group Ltd (базируется в Лондоне и Берлине), нужен backend developer. Скилы:
• Team leadership experience
• A solid understanding of cloud deployment strategies and scalable architectures
• A desire to work on world-leading web software products
• Highly motivated, with a positive attitude to work and the ability to learn quickly
• Good trouble-shooting skills with the perseverance to solve problems
• Able to work productively, both autonomously and as part of a dynamic team
• Solid commercial experience (3 years +) with the following stack:
o Linux
o JavaScript
o TypeScript
o Node.js
o Nest.js
o NOSQL (Redis and MongoDB are required)
• Experience with TDD
• Experience with DDD
• Experience with Skaffold
• Commercial experience with high-volume scalable architectures
• Good knowledge of the most common web servers / load balancers (Apache, Nginx, HAProxy)
• Experience with ELK
• Experience with AWS
• Experience with Kubernetes
• An interest in online security

Зарплата 20-30$ в час по результатам собеседования. Резюме нужно присылать на английском языке.

Paul Gruzdev
Senior Software Development,
Xara Group Ltd
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