Канада - работа и потенциальная иммиграция
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Это продолжение вот этой темы: Работа (и потенциальная иммиграция) в Канаде
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. Всё прошло успешно, три человека уже тут и работают, еше человек 5 в процессе получения визы. Многое было изучено, и мы решили повторить процесс. Чуть ниже "официальный" текст, и немного от меня. Нужны сильные .Net/Java разработчики с минимум 4-5 годами опыта и хорошим разговорным английским. Нужно желание и возможность уехать "прям сейчас" (примерно середина сентября).

Наш интерес понятен — мы "сдаем" вас за XX/час, а платим вам YY/час, плюс ведем всю бюрократию с налогами, визой и прочее. Что получаете вы:

1. Зарплату — зависит, конечно же, от скиллов — но хороший спец тысяч на 80 в год (грязными) рассчитывать может
2. Если семья — жена получает рабочую визу автоматом, причем открытую — т.е. может работать на любого работодателя
3. Через 2 года — можно подавать документы на Permanent Residency — аналог американской Green Card
4. Еще через 2 года — можно подаваться на гражданство.

Резюме — на английском, пожалуйста — а то в прошлый раз приходили и на русском, и на украинском...

Все вопросы — на английском в почту, указанную ниже.



Immediate JOB opening for 4 Developers (.NET/C# or JAVA) in TORONTO, CANADA

We are seeking highly skilled professionals who wish to come to Canada under the Skilled workers and professionals immigration program (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/index.asp). Specifically the professionals we are looking for have exceptional development skills and excellent English skills – both written and verbal. We are looking for individuals who are interested in either temporarily (minimum 1 year) or permanent relocation to Canada.

Our company is a software development company who has been in business for 10 years in Canada with numerous fortune 500 clients. We outsource (subcontract) our developers to our clients on 6 to 12 month work terms which are often extended for longer periods of time. Our clients are in the financial, emerging technology, mobile, pharma and many other sectors. We sponsor the necessary work permits, arrange travel, temporary housing and is able to assist with all aspects of the immigration process as well as familiarizing yourself with Canada. Persons (and their dependents) coming to Canada under our program can typically obtain Canadian Permanent Resident status within 24-30 months of arrival and Canadian Citizenship within 24 months thereafter. Spouses or common law partners who come to Canada under this program are typically granted an open work permit allowing them to work for any employer in Canada with few restrictions.

We are looking for only top notch candidates who will have success in Canada to make this a mutually beneficial experience for both our company and the candidate. In addition to meeting requirements under the skilled workers program which includes at least 2 years experience and a university degree, we are seeking individuals who also have the necessary industry certifications (ex: Microsoft or SUN Certified Professional) and relevant experience. Candidates under this program typically have a minimum of 4.5 year experience working in a developer capacity at a large recognized employer such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Luxsoft, Samsung, etc. International experience in the UK or USA is definitely an asset and will increase your chances.
To deal with the number of applications we receive, we have a very specific process in place which must be followed closely. To substantially increase your chances of being selected, please follow-this process as close as possible:

Phase I: Pre-qualification

Please send all of the following information in confidence via email to canadianworkprogram@gmail.com

  1. A copy of your current Cover Letter
  2. A copy of your current Resume
  3. A PHONE # or SKYPE ID where you can be reached via VOICE including the HOURS and DAYS and TIMEZONES you are typically available
  4. The expiry date of your PASSPORT and the expiry date of the PASSPORT of any dependants you have
  5. Answers to the following questions:

Applications will only be accepted till July 31st, 2010.

Phase II: Selection & Interviews

Based on the information received we will make our interview selection on qualified Candidates by Aug 6th. Candidates who are selected will be contacted to schedule series technical interviews which will be completed in the 2 weeks ending Aug 20, 2010.

Subsequent Phases

Once technology interviews are done and our selection has been finalized, chosen individuals will be given all details about the remaining phases including:

  1. Contact with existing employees of our company who have come to Canada under this program so you can ask them questions before deciding to come to Canada
  2. A contact within our company who can answer any questions you may have and who will be responsible for your transition to Canada
  3. Requests for documents and translations required by our company and Immigration Canada
  4. Access to our intranet with FAQ, Blogs and other useful information for persons coming to Canada
  5. Details of travel which is anticipated to be around September or October 2010


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