Senior Unix/C++/SQL developer, Москва
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Дата: 20.04.10 09:53
Senior Unix/C++/SQL developer for Deutsche Bank
Location — Moscow

Position Overview:
The main responsibility is to develop system and solve support issues as a developer.

Role Description:
A candidate, as member of global team, interacts with local team lead as well as with Frankfurt/London business analysts and support staff.
Key responsibility is to design and develop new software (C++, SQL, UNIX shell/perl scripts) and do developers’ support (SL3) for software developed.
One of the key priorities in our project is robust and supportable code. This role is also responsible for unit-testing his/her developments.
Another responsibility is to identify, analyze and solve possible issues in Alice systems and its communication with neighbour systems.
As many issues and ideas are discussed inside global team either by email or using conference calls, candidate should be able to speak English and to express ideas clearly in written form as well.



• C++ skills are required (gcc, STL, autotools).
• At least average experience with UNIX-based systems. This includes shell and perl scripting, analyzing issues, etc. Better experience in this area, especially in Solaris or AIX, is much appreciated.
• At least average experience in developing web frontends — both server-side (CGI) and client-side (html, javascript, AJAX, basic knowledge of HTML DOM).
• It is preferred if candidate has some messaging experience (JMS is preferred, but any other is acceptable).
• XML background is a plus, i.e. understanding XML basics, some experience with XSLT, XPath, etc.
• It is preferred but not required if candidate has some Java background, especially if he/she has no experience with messaging.
• Experience with .NET and/or Java (client applications) is a plus.
• Experience with web services (any technology appreciated, but Tomcat/Axis2 is preferred) is a plus.

Personal Characteristics:
— Good communication skills
— Team player
— Self-reliancy (e.g. work without pushing, etc.)

Условия работы:

От 100K RUR (уровень готовы обсуждать, полностью "белая" схема), бонус (% годового дохода)
Медстраховка, обучение (бизнес-, профессиональное, английский), оплата питания и др.

Re: Senior Unix/C++/SQL developer, Москва
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