Pega Developer (remote, 3500-4500EUR)
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We are searching for a certified Pega developer with at least 5 years of experience.

Our Customer
Is one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands and provides a wide range of financial services and products. They are governed in much the same way as any listed organization. Their brands serve about 10 million people with Health, Life and Non-life insurances. They focus on simple insurance products while keeping your premiums affordable. And when the unexpected happens, we help you manage your financial situation.
They work in a dynamic and agile environment and use cutting-edge technology doing this!

Job Description
You will be part of one of the four Pega development teams within the organization. You will work on existing and new products and will be responsible for parts of the products. You will participate in the design, development and implementation of complex applications, often using new technologies. You will also provide technical direction and system architecture for individual initiatives. Possibities to meet the team face2face will be facilitated if needed. So you will get to see the nice country of The Netherlands.

· Pega certified CSA and CSSA
· Experience in working with Agile methodology
· 5+ years experience in Pega
· Experience in WSDL
· Experience in SOAP
· Experience in XML
· Experience in OO
· Pega Assessment score minimum of 80% and on individual modules score should be 60%+
· Good English (should be able to communicate with team)
· Person should be self-employed (IP)

About us
· We are Boris – your development guru network. We provide Russian development resources for European companies. Boris has massive experience in working with Russian developers in distributed SCRUM teams and loves your quality and work ethics. When you work for Boris we will provide the best working environment and conditions out there. Boris will help you with everything you need so you can concentrate in what you love best, developing cool products!

Please send your CV to hr at
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