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Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog

Posts about the Ribbon and how it works:
Enter the Ribbon
It's All About Context
Dialog Launchers
Why is it called the Ribbon?
Stroking the Keys in Office 12
Scaling Up, Scaling Down
A Disappearing Act

Posts about Galleries, Formatting, and Results-Oriented Design:
I'm In Louvre! (Galleries: Part 1 of 3)
Visualize Whirled Peas (Galleries: Part 2 of 3)
Results-Oriented Design (Galleries: Part 3 of 3)
Formatting: An Act In Three Plays
Saddle Up to the MiniBar

Why did we make a new UI for Office 12?
The Why of the New UI (Part 1)
Ye Olde Museum Of Office Past (Why the UI, Part 2)
Combating the Perception of Bloat (Why the UI, Part 3)
New Rectangles to the Rescue? (Why the UI, Part 4)
Tipping the Scale (Why the UI, Part 5)
Inside Deep Thought (Why the UI, Part 6)
No Distaste for Paste (Why the UI, Part 7)
Grading On the Curve (Why the UI, Part 8)

The philosophies, ideas, and design tenets behind the new UI:
Mythbusters: The Office 12 New UI
Be Willing To Be Wrong
What programs get the new Office UI?
Most People Are Not Trained In Geology
The Importance Of Labels
For Sale By Owner

Usability techniques and validation of the new UI:
More Than Just the Two-Way Mirror
Usability Redux
Accessibility Begets Usability
1000 Card Pick-Up

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