Job offer (probably bayan)
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Дата: 07.04.05 05:30
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Huge russian government organization is looking to fill more than 170,000 positions during this spring. We offer positions in all our departments.

Our main requirements to a successful candidate are:
— Male between 18 and 27
— Ability to work under a strong pressure of more experienced colleagues (especially during the first six month of working)
— Fluent English is not essential but fluent obscene Russian is a must
— Willingness for biennial business trip
— Analytical mind or any other types of mind is strong disadvantage

Joining with us gives you excellent conditions of work and career opportunity. We are glade to offer you:
— Ability to work in team as young and active as you
— Corporate lunch (as well as corporate breakfast, corporate dinner, corporate supper, corporate uniform and corporate apartment)

Career opportunity:
Every successful candidate may expect such career (we are not sure that you are familiar with names of our positions, so near the every name of position we put in parenthesis relative position from the investment banking hierarchy):
Work experience position
— 0-6 month “dukh” (junior analyst)
— 6-12 month “cherpak” (associate)
— 12-18 month “ded/dedushka” (vice-president)
— 18-24 month “dembel’” (partner)
As you can see, career opportunity is really excellent.

If you are interested in our job offer, please send you CV and cover letters to our HR managers, ensign (praporshchik) Probkin or ensign (praporshchik) Butilkin <; <;
Deadline for your applications is 15 june 2005.

P.S. If you are not able to join us now, don’t be upset. Next stage of our
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Re: Job offer (probably bayan)
От: sadomovalex Россия
Дата: 07.04.05 07:48
Здравствуйте, UPV-mobile, Вы писали:

UM>- 0-6 month “dukh” (junior analyst)

UM>- 6-12 month “cherpak” (associate)
UM>- 12-18 month “ded/dedushka” (vice-president)
UM>- 18-24 month “dembel’” (partner)
UM>As you can see, career opportunity is really excellent.

"Что не завершено, не сделано вовсе" Гаусс
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