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Samsung Galaxy Fold review: The future is an ugly disappointment

Samsung shows us how not to build a foldable smartphone.

Should you buy a Galaxy Fold? NO! God no. Are you crazy? The sky-high price, durability issues, nascent form factor, and new screen technology should rule the phone out for just about everyone. Rather than a viable product, right now the Fold feels more like a publicly available prototype device that demonstrates an experimental new form factor.


The Galaxy Fold fails at everything it sets out to do. It's a bad smartphone and a bad tablet. The front screen is too small for phone duties like typing and reading. The interior screen is too small for tablet apps and split-screen apps, and it's the wrong aspect ratio for media. Since it doesn't even run in tablet mode, you get blown-up phone apps that often show less information than on a normal smartphone.

The Fold doesn't even work as a tantalizing look at the future. It is an ugly, awkward, undesirable device.

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