Так, господа, а вот это уже серьезно (Haskell нужен 2)
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Дата: 25.04.15 07:51
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Hi, friends –

I have a number of very interesting openings at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, California. There are two different teams hiring.

The first set of positions are for an entirely new team. This project involves distributed systems, data mining, and machine learning. There may be roles on this team for less experienced candidates in a few months, but right now we are looking for people who have written a reasonable amount of Haskell, have built real production systems in some language or other (and have the scars to prove it), and can contribute in major ways to the design and construction of a demanding new system that we're building from scratch.

The second set of positions are for a cousin team, which is building on the success of our Haxl project to extend our capability to fight spam and malware. For these roles, we're open to a broader range of experience levels.

If you're interested, please drop me an email with a current CV.

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