QT под LGPL. УРА!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nokia is pleased to announce that with the release of Qt 4.5 you will
be able to use Qt under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
version 2.1 terms. When released in March 2009, Qt will be made
available under three licensing options: Commercial, LGPL and GPL.
Prior versions of Qt are not impacted by this announcement.

Nokia is committed to Qt and its continued development. By offering Qt
under LGPL version 2.1 license terms alongside today’s licensing
options Nokia hopes to:

— facilitate wider adoption of Qt across industries, desktop, web and
embedded platforms.
— establish Qt as a de facto standard for application development.
— receive more valuable feedback and increased user contributions to
ensure that Qt remains the best-in-class, cross-platform framework.
— extend Nokia’s existing platform commitment to the open source

By offering a cost-free LGPL license as well as commercial and GPL
licenses to Qt, you can choose the license model that best fits your
development requirements.

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