ef core update 0 rows
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Дата: 31.12.21 08:16
как переписать на ef core ?
в частности интересует update когда 0 записей обновлено

я думал так
            using(var context = new CoinDogsContext(AppSettingsReader.GetConnectionString()))
                var settings = new Setting { Name = name };
                settings.Value = val;
                var rowcount = context.SaveChanges();
                if(rowcount == 0)
                    settings = new Setting { Name = name, Value = val };

но получаю ошибку здесь (var rowcount = context.SaveChanges()
Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbUpdateConcurrencyException: 'The database operation was expected to affect 1 row(s), but actually affected 0 row(s); data may have been modified or deleted since entities were loaded. See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=527962 for information on understanding and handling optimistic concurrency exceptions.'

$"update settings set value={Safe(val)} where name='{name}';if @@ROWCOUNT=0 insert into settings (name,value) values ({Safe(name)},{Safe(val)})"
Подождите ...
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