О коммерческом применении функциональщины
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Экспроприация произведена отсюда

Thanks to Kathleen Fischer and Peter Thiemann, the recorded sessions from last year’s Commercial Users of Functional Programming are now up in conveniently viewable form on Google Video.

  • Xavier Leroy, Industrial uses of Caml: examples and lessons learned from the smart card industry, Part 1 and Part 2

  • John Launchbury, Cross-domain WebDAV server

  • Cyril Schmidt and Anne-Elisabeth Tran Qui, The default case in Haskell: counterparty credit risk calculation at ABN AMRO

  • Lal George, Using functional techniques to program a network processor

  • Jan-Henrik Nyström, Productivity gains with Erlang

  • Phil Treford, Learning with F#
  • Anwar Ghuloum, Ct: channelling NeSL and SISAL in C++

  • caml haskell webDav Ernalg F#
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