PCI Compliance
От: Dr Кант  
Дата: 08.01.19 23:44
Шлют регулярно спам. Зачем они?

Some acquiring banks or processors charge their merchants a PCI non-compliance fee. In order to avoid PCI non-compliance fees (if applicable), we recommend that you become compliant as soon as possible.

You need to complete the online questionnaire. You must have a passing status to be in compliance.

To complete the PCI self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ), please log into your account at https://www.securitymetrics.com and click on the take/retake questionnaire link.

If you have any questions regarding your scan results or SAQ, contact technical support at 801.705.5700 (USA) or 0330.808.0832 (UK) or by email at support@securitymetrics.com.



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