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I had several PCs that just didn’t want to install any Windows Updates. After going through the process, the update box would display a message that said “Error(s) found: Code 80243004 – Windows Update encountered an unknown error.” I searched for a solution to this problem for months. Several forums referred me to a few potential fixes, but they never worked for me. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a real fix for this error accidentally.

I actually lived with this being a problem on several PCs for a while without resolution. Then one day I started playing around with the Notification Area settings on one of the problematic PCs. After I changed some settings, I realized later that Windows Updates had miraculously installed on the computer. Could this be the fix?


For some reason, this did the trick. Windows Update consistently ran after I made this change on all my Windows 7 PCs. Why this worked for me, I’ll never know.

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