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I would like to find a publication/book/monograph, or at least a collection of research publications, for each of the following topics:

1. Specializations of and mutual connections between global financial centers. It is supposed that such review should not be large, just several tens pages.

2. Classification/typology of economies for all countries of the world similar to one that Bruno Amable did, but covering all countries of the world, not only the richest. (It is supposed that 15-50 types should be described.) This review should not be large too, just several tens pages.

3. Also, I would like to find similar global review for all countries of the world that describes changes in balance between owners, managers, and workers in each country for the latest 10 years. Between crisis of 2008th and current COVID-related crisis. This review may be probably up to several hundreds pages. (The idea to describe situation in countries by dynamics and trends in such balance of three forces is taken from Gourevitch and Shinn.)

It is supposed that such reviews may be published by different international organizations; I have seen much time ago similar global taxation reviews, small business development reviews, non-profit legislation review etc, where each country was described by 0.5-2 pages of text.

If you know other materials written in similar style, then feel free to post them here too.

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